Home Groups

We have one home group meeting at the moment, but more on the way. They include time spent looking more deeply at the Bible, time spent in prayer, and time spent just being together, socialising, and supporting and encouraging each other. If you’d like to try one out please contact the group leader on the number/email below. If you want to find out more, please contact Mike Peatman on 01482 881458 or mikepeatman@gmail.com


Wednesday evenings (check dates) 7:30pm Leader: Mary Whitehead – 01482 870047 / whiteheads@whiteheads.karoo.co.uk


Our home groups are for anyone who wants and is able to be part of one. We come together as a big family each Sunday to worship together and be with God, the one who makes us family. But if a family is working well then they also spend time together in smaller units. Then they can learn from each other, let good habits rub off and sharp edges be rubbed off, and really get to know each other.

That’s what our home groups are about. A place to be the family of God in a way that isn’t possible in a bigger more formal gathering..

These groups will be places where you’ll find support, help, prayer, sympathy, compassion; places where we can actually try living out being neighbours to each other and hopefully to those around us. And places where you might actually find that you’ve got more to give than you realised.

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