Our Mission 

Visitors comment that St.Nic's is a friendly and hospitable church. This does not stand in isolation from our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. God demonstrated his great hospitality to each one of us when Jesus the Son of God came to this earth, was crucified and overcame the power of sin and death when he was raised from the dead. God demonstrated his mission that we might have a full relationship with him. As a Christian community we are committed to a life of prayer and worship that celebrates the good news of this relationship. Sharing this deep sense of God's love is central to who we are and the mission God has given us. Naturally we want to speak about this because it is very good news. It doesn't stop there because we hope that we share this in our actions too: in the 

way we serve our community through the parish centre and our work to help the vulnerable and marginalised in this town and beyond. Do click here to find out what the past year has held for the mission of the church. Here are some of those ways: 

Supporting World Mission

St.Nic's Church has been committed to serving world-wide mission for many years. We recognise that we belong to a bigger world where this so much need. Our hope is to contribute to the common good by supporting the following organisations (click on the logos to find out more):

Supporting Corrie Verduyn the lead doctor in maternity and women’s health care in Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda

Supporting Dr Corrie Verduyn the lead doctor in maternity and women’s health care in Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda

MAF uses planes to transform the lives of the world's most isolated people in need.

The Folk Festival

Each year St.Nic's provides a worship event at the Beverley Folk Festival held in June. This service of Holy Communion takes place in a large tent with bales of straw in a modern alternative style of worship. Here we witness to God's love beyond our church walls! 

The Parish Centre

At a time when so many public services are being cut, we are committed to offering our buildings for the use of those in our parish community. We have a number of rooms for hire, for birthday parties through to Scout meetings, for hire by dance groups to the local education authority. Our principal is to give preferential rates to those from the parish that we serve. Click here to find out more.

Local Mission

Expressing our sense of God's mission for local concerns is also central to our sense of calling here at St.Nic's. We show our caring for the vulnerable and marginalised in our vicinity through supporting local charities:

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