Church Life

"Good News for Everyone"

That's at the top of the page, but what does it mean?

It means that we believe in a God who has shown his love for us in the person of Jesus Christ - in his actions, his teaching, his life, death and resurrection. This is good news for the world

We believe in a God who invites us to join in his work in the world:

  • in hospitality and welcome.

  • in telling the good news to all people of all ages.

  • in practical care and action.

  • in being good stewards of our money and possessions

  • in caring for creation by looking after the environment and the earth's resources.

So for us, our church life together is vital in encouraging and sustaining us in mission. That might be a social gathering, a discussion in groups, or worship in church, but whatever it is, we'd love it if you joined in with us too. 

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