About Our Church

Replacing the demolished 12th Century Norman church, the present building was completed in 1881. The vision of our victorian forebears was that the 'new'  St.Nicholas church would serve the parish community of Swinemoor, Model Farm and Grovehill. It has done this now for over a 130 years. Want a bit more?

Visitors often comment that St.Nic's is a friendly and hospitable church. This does not stand in isolation from our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. God demonstrated his great hospitality to each one of us when Jesus the Son of God came to this earth, was crucified and overcame the power of sin and death when he was raised from the dead. As a Christian community we are committed to a life of prayer and worshipping God. Sharing this deep sense of God's love is central to who we are. Naturally we want to speak about this because it is very good news. It doesn't stop there because we hope that we share this in our actions too: in the way we serve our community through the parish centre and our work to help the vulnerable and marginalised in this town. 

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