At St.Nic's we worship in a variety of styles. We sing modern songs and older hymns, play in a folk style and have quieter times of reflective worship. To us it doesn't really matter, rather what is important is that our hearts are open heavenward and that we expect to meet with the living God and that God would meet with us. We are renowned for being informal even though we might use robes. If you worship with us expect a sense of fun and a place where our children are happy and unrestricted.

Sunday 10:00am Service

All Sorts is our really informal service held on the first Sunday of the month at 10am. All Sorts is fun and family friendly and will often be the service that we baptise people who are new to the church. Here we learn about our faith in an hands-on and visual way. 

On all the other Sundays in the month we celebrate communion together in a relaxed and inclusive way. Each of these Sundays has an opportunity for children to be a part of our Sunday-school. Here they learn what it is to have a vibrant faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday 9:30am Service

On Wednesdays we gather together at 9:30am to pray and worship in a more reflective style taking communion together and sharing fellowship over refreshments after the service.

Sunday 8:00am Service

At 8am on the1st Sunday of each month we celebrate a communion service using traditional language from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.

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