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A wedding is one of life's great moments, a time of solemn commitment as well as good wishes, feasting and joy.


Jesus shared in a wedding at Cana, showing us that marriage is a sign of new beginnings as he turned water into wine. 

Marriage is intended by God to be a creative relationship, as his blessing enables husband and wife to love and support each other in good times and in bad, and to share in the care and upbringing of children. That's why marriage is based upon a solemn, public and life-long covenant between a man and a woman, declared and celebrated in the presence of God and before witnesses.


Even better, for Christians, marriage is also an invitation to share life together in the spirit of Jesus Christ. By dwelling in us, God's Spirit enables us to fulfill the promises that we make and provide the love our partners and surrounding family really need.

Congratulations to Teressa and Neil Llewellyn married at St. Nicholas Church in August 2015

To see the Church of England's advice on getting married in Church, see their page here.

Getting married is simple

  • The rules are much more flexible these days about where you can get married. Check here to confirm that you can get married at St Nick's without having to get a special licence. Contact us if you're still unsure.

  • Phone the Vicarage on 01482 881458 or email the vicar.

  • If possible, please have the following information ready for your first meeting:

    • The date you are hoping for. (Don't book anything else until you have done this.)

    • A valid current Passport​ (proves your nationality and gives picture ID) *

    • A valid Driving Licence or a utility bill from the last 3 months (proves your address) *

    • Your post code (use this link to see if you can be married at St.Nick's without proving a connection)

    • Paperwork concerning a previous marriage. We cannot proceed with a marriage of someone who is divorced without having seen their decree absolute.

  • Our Clergy will hold at least two interviews with you:

    • To book your details

    • To plan your order of service.

    • The wedding rehearsal is usually a few days beforehand

  • The wedding cost is fixed by the Church of England

    • We ask for a £100 returnable deposit

    • You can download our fees sheet here

  • Download our parish weddings leaflet here.

  • Lots more information about getting married in the Church of England is available here.

* if you don't have a valid passport and/or driving licence, don't panic. Contact the vicar to work out what documents can be used instead.

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