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Prayer at Home Resources


Prayer is simply communicating with God.


We can do it anywhere, any time. But there is something special about coming together to pray. When we set aside time to listen to God, to bring him our concerns and worries, our feelings and our hopes, we can receive his forgiveness, reassurance and strength, and the results can be amazing.

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Help with Personal Prayer & Worship

Even if we can't get to church, we can always pray at home, or wherever we happen to be.

Our friends over at Beverley Minster post a daily reflection online, which you can find here.

The Church of England website also posts a daily prayer, which can be found here.

Daily Prayer with the Northumbria Community - it's a less formal version of the daily prayer for morning, midday, evening and night.

Apps for Prayer and Reflection

There are a number of apps that you can download on your smartphone for daily prayers and reflection exercises, we recommend Daily Prayer and Time to Pray, which both provide daily prayers for the morning and the evening. 


For something more interactive, we recommend Lectio 365. It's an app inspired by the Christian pattern of Lectio Divina to reflect on a passage and pray. Each reflection lasts around 9-10 minutes, and it is all read out for you. You follow simply by swiping through 5 screens.

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