Prayer is simply communicating with God.


We can do it anywhere, any time. But there is something special about coming together to pray. When we set aside time to listen to God, to bring him our concerns and worries, our feelings and our hopes, we can receive his forgiveness, reassurance and strength, and the results can be amazing.

Sadly, all prayer meetings have had to be suspended, due to the measures being taken to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

But we can pray at home - or wherever we are


You can find resources for prayer online:

Download a form of prayer you can view or print for use at home if you are unable to get to church

Daily Prayer complete with readings and psalms for the day is provided on the Church of England website - Morning and Evening Prayer as well as Midday Prayer and Night Prayer. You can also get Daily Prayer via its app - see your app store or read more about it here.

Time to Pray  is a free app, providing daily prayer and night prayer. Also available direct from your app store.

Daily Prayer with the Northumbria Community - simpler forms of prayer for morning, midday, evening and night (compline)

The #LiveLent reflection page  has an app for receiving the reflections, or you can sign up for email updates.

new page of prayer resources for this time is available on the Church of England website.

Our friends at Beverley Minster are placing a daily reflection online

More information on streamed services, more resources and how the national church wants to support us during this difficult period can be found on this page

Short of time? Here's the Prayer for the Day


Help With Personal Prayer & Worship

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