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Funeral Services


Whenever a loved one dies, it is a shock - even if their death was expected. It's a difficult time to make decisions, and to know what choices to make.

Many people believe that they are not entitled to a funeral at church, but that isn't true. Your local parish is there to help you in whatever way it can, whether you choose a service in church, or one at the crematorium or cemetery chapel.


You don't have to be a churchgoer to have a ceremony in your local parish church, and it usually has a very modest impact on the overall cost. We are also aware that people often choose to have a service here at St Nicholas' to enable local friends to come, who might not otherwise be able to get to a service at the crematorium or the cemetery chapel. 

Arranging a Funeral

Your first contact will probably be with a funeral director, but they will help you make contact with a minister, as well as attending to the practical arrangements.


It can be very helpful to those left behind, if you have an opportunity to talk about your wishes, or if you write them down and keep them in a safe place. The Church of England has a lot more information about the options for funeral services and many of the practicalities on a specially dedicated website You can find out much more information there, and answers to many of the questions that people regularly ask. You'll probably be surprised at the choices you have, and the flexibility available within the scope of a Church of England funeral service.

Bereavement Support

If you are struggling with a bereavement, as a first step contact the minister who took the service for your loved one - they will want to help. They will also be able to suggest further help. If you'd prefer to look online, click here for links and useful information.

Each year St Nicholas' holds a special service of remembrance and thanksgiving for people who have died. We send invitations to the families of funerals from the year gone by, but everyone is welcome to come - it doesn't matter where the funeral of your loved one took place.

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